The truth is...

Under oath, the prosecutor told the jury that the footages show Mr. Zumot enters the café at 6:47:38 pm, about ten minutes after the fire started, giving Paul just enough time to drive from the cottage after setting it on fire to the cafe. Under oath, the prosecutor elicited specific testimony from officer Quisenbery that Mr. Zumot “did not “enter” the café until 6:47:38 pm.

Under oath, the prosecutor stood mute while Detective Sunseri provided equally specific testimony that according to the Lorex footage Mr. Zumot did not appear in the café until after the fire truck passed at 6:47:29. 
Under oath, DA urged the jury to reject Zumot’s testimony that he was already inside the café when the fire engines passed the café. 

The DA lied to everyone and continued to lie after the trial and lied to Court of Appeal. Now, the new evidence, cameras’ footages shows Mr. Zumot was inside the café in three separate times and well before the DA, and PAPD testified, and exactly as Zumot told the jury. 

Also, two employees testimony and declarations that Mr. Zumot was already in the café before the DA’s time of 6:47:38 as Zumot testified and the employees, Zumot was seen on camera in 3 different times

before 6:47:38.

The video footage shows that Agent Sunseri’s reports, Agent Sunseri’s testimony Detective Quisenbery’s testimony and the prosecutor’s opening statements and closing arguments were all false.

The video footage shows that the only accurate testimony about Mr. Zumot’s location at the time of the crime came from Mr. Zumot himself. Mr. Zumot told the truth about his location, while the prosecutor lied to the jury to convict the innocent man, Zumot himself. 

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After the trial and on appeal, DA Chuck Gillingham signed a declaration under penalty of perjury in which he swears that he reviewed the actual Lorex video footage system numerous times , probably in excess of 20 times on multiple occasions. See attached declaration get from Cliff Gardner.

On appeal, Zumot not only presented the new footages that show him inside the café the time the fire started, and showed that he told the truth from Day One and proved that the DA and PAPD lied and falsified evidence to convict an innocent man, but he also presented sworn declarations of people who identified him in that video footage just as they testified in court he was, and just as they told police officers investigating the fire on day one.


Jurors deciding whether Mr. Zumot was lying when he testified under oath that he quivered at the café prior to  6:47:38 should not have been presented with false evidence and arguments that video footage definitely showed he did not arrive until 6:47:38.. Had the false evidence not been presented, Mr. Zumot would have been proved his innocence and found not guilty.​​

But there is more,

This false evidence about the camera footage started well before the trial and after Mr. Zumot gave his side of the story in a police interview the day of the crime. Zumot told police he entered the café at 6:41. One or two minutes after he parked his car and called his employee at 6:39 pm. Camera footage shows also phone records and towers that Mr. Zumot was in parking lot at 6:39 pm.

The state presented on April 7,2010 and Feb 10, 2010 police reports from Agent Sunseri which said that he had reviewed surveillance footage on a Lorex brand digital surveillance system that was seized from suspect Zumot’s café. Detective reported that Mr. Zumot doesn’t appear in the café until nine seconds after the fire engine passed at 6:47:38.

In the opening statement, the prosecutor told the jury that the Lorex footage from October 15,2009 would not show defendant walking into the café until 6:47, after a fire engine responding to the fire passed on University Ave . . Later he reported that.

Also, the prosecutor urged the jury to reject the employees testimony that Zumot was already in the café before the 6:47:38. In the prosecutor’s own words “ well, we saw the video.”

The prosecutor and the officers were aware of what was on the Lorex camera footage yet, nevertheless, falsified reports and testimony.
Now that the false evidence has been exposed, Zumot asking for release and the DA’s office and PAPD to be investigated for corruption and framing an innocent man. Zumot is innocent.